Sylvain Tesson, a free writer who talks about Syria

Unbelievable ! Le Figaro has decided to diversify its sources and analyzes of the war in Syria! Confined for seven years in the politically correct, with a few exceptions, our daily well-thought gives the floor to Sylvain Tesson. This unconventional writer-traveler rolled his hump in Siberia, in the footsteps of the escapees of the gulag, along the Berezina, in search of the Great Army, on the shore of Lake Baikal, in silence and solitude. And even in France, “on the black roads” of rural life, condemned by globalization.

And our writer-traveler, once again, does not disappoint us.

He surveyed Syria where he saw Damascus, Palmyra, Aleppo, Homs. He stopped at Maaloula, the martyred Christian village. He bivouacked at Crac des Chevaliers, the most beautiful castle of the Crusades. This is an opportunity to restore the truth. While the Western media was silencing us that the “rebels” (a convenient name to avoid calling them Islamists) had conquered the Crac, he questions the conservative, Hazem Hanna: “Eight hundred terrorists occupied the Crac. Tunisians, Chechens, Algerians, arrived from Lebanon. It was a platform for access to Homs, as in the days of the Crusades! They were killed in hand-to-hand combat. “

Of course, when you listen to the Syrians themselves and not the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), it is different.

In Palmyra, he contemplated the destruction of the terrorists of the Islamic State, recalling opportunely they merely applied the 59th verse of the 18th Sura.

The Russians recaptured the “Pearl of the Desert”, gave a symbolic concert in the ancient theater and Sylvain Tesson observes that “the Western powers could not be content to applaud Vladimir Putin and his orchestra. NATO was forced to become more involved in the fight against the Islamic State. “

He could have added that it was also an opportunity for Americans to illegally occupy one-third of Syria, but do not be too greedy.

Above all, Sylvain Tesson gives us the precious testimony of the Greek-Melkite archbishop of Aleppo, Monseigneur Jeanbart: “I have six [reconstruction] projects in progress. The monastery of St. Basil is already raised. I want to go fast. For the example. Exiles make a mistake for themselves to stay in Europe. Exile is not a solution for anyone. “

As Tesson finely observes, how can it be explained that the West today has instituted “a mystic of displacement” ? “It is more celebrated than the ethics of the resistance or the Ulyssian aesthetic of the return … Jacques Julliard said that the immigrant had become the substitute proletarian for a political class that no longer interested small people. “

The wind has turned. No offense to Laurent Fabius, Front al-Nosra did not do “a good job” and will be defeated. No offense to Donald Trump, “the animal” Bachar is still in place.

And contrary to what the journalistic doxa says, it is civilization that has won.

It says: Turkey is in Europe!

So spoke Emmanuel Macron 

History is Emmanuel Macron’s girlfriend, even if he does not hesitate to tweak his arm from time to time. On the other hand, the scholar of the Élysée seems decidedly angry with geography. It will be remembered that he had called Guyana an island in 2017. A slip of the tongue, one was quick to say. And his faithful to tell us that he had wanted to talk about the island of Cayenne. Let.

In his book published in 2016, Revolution , sort of Little Red Book for sale in all good bookstores and press points, our beacon of Western thought had already committed a “slight” geographical blunder: “When you live in Stains, in the region Paris, or Villeurbanne, in the Lille region, it is easier to start a business and look for customers than to have a job interview … ” Villeurbanne, a city contiguous to Lyon, 150.000 inhabitants – excuse of the little -, is located in the Rhône. It is true that we can not know everything.

The President’s new chagrin with geography dates from Wednesday evening, during his interview given to TF1 on the aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle .

But before coming, a word, all the same, on the chosen place. One had the feeling of a President who had come to shelter from this people of bugs who roars in the countryside. The yellow vests are not lifejackets and therefore are not likely to board the proud building. While the French were waiting for Emmanuel Macron to talk to them about their daily lives, they were treated to a stratospheric President, a candidate for the rescue of Europe and the planet, proud of the beautiful toy that the Republic entrusted to him for five years. . Note, in passing, that the aircraft carrier does not vogue diesel. So, it’s good for the planet. A toy, in principle, intended primarily to serve, primarily, the interests of France. So, what to think of the European flag that loomed in the background alongside the national colors? Simply consistent with the remarks made by the chief of the army.

“Because there are these new threats, because we have to re-equip ourselves. And so the army is, today, after the National Education – which is very consistent – the second budget of the nation. And we will continue. “Until then, fine. Except that the President is careful not to mention the 800 million euros “stung” (for short) to the Defense in the amended budget bill. It is true that this government has mastered the art of taking with one hand what it gives the other.

But following the presidential statement goes further: “And that, I also want to do it at the European level. Because we have to protect our European partners [we quickly understand who we need to protect them …] : Finland, Poland, Greece, Turkey, those who are on the edge of Europe and who are sometimes near powers with which we discuss every day … “

So, Turkey is part of Europe.

We are happy to hear it live from Charles-de-Gaulle . Emmanuel Macron angry with geography? No, on reflection, with History. And even with geopolitics. Turkey belongs to NATO, but that does not make it a European country. Does this mean that Emmanuel Macron wants to replace NATO with a European machine? It seems that yes, to listen to it: “We must be able to [the countries mentioned above] protect and today, too often, when we have to protect them, we turn to the United States. And so it’s not good for our credibility, it’s not good for the unity of Europe. “

A European army to protect Ankara against Moscow, perhaps? You had to think about it.