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German news outlet Die Welt cited data submitted by the Ifo Institute that showed Britain’s share of European Union exports fell from 6.2% in 2019 to 5.2% in 2021. Expressing their anger at the German jibe against Brexit Britain, Express. readers shared their views on EU relations and took their own form of revenge against Berlin.

Playing his part in the deliberate reduction of trade between Britain and Germany, one reader has taken an extreme step.

Belperboy said: “Last month I sold my German made Audi A6 and replaced it with a new Lexus.

“If we were still in the EU, I might have bought another German car, but their antics scared me away.”

He was not alone.

K69tie agreed and added, “You and many more of us.”

Moonraker embraced the idea that Britain was free to trade wherever it wanted after Brexit.

He said: “Of course trade with vassal states of a hostile trading bloc has dropped, we buy our goods from free countries now.”

Pini72u agreed that the drop in trading was due to a more open market, saying, “The reason it dropped is because we are buying from another source.”

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Dave155x explained how Britain has set its sights on a wider global market than before.

He said: “Britain has found other trading partners and is now less dependent on the European market,

“Strawberries from Morocco, wine from Chile, olives from Mexico, just a small sample of the products of the world that we have access to.”

He concluded: “Don’t gloat Germany, you need us a lot more than you let on.”

Regarding the impact on the EU, Prometheus said: “The Munich-based research center also found that the proportion of UK imports from the bloc fell from 4.4% in 2015 to just 2. 6% last year,

“How much of that business now goes to UK businesses.

“It’s funny how they’re trying to convey that the drop in imports is just a UK problem, but what about the drop in EU exports.”

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Brian at Home reminded everyone that the whole world has suffered an economic downturn over the past two years.

He said: “Every country in the world experienced a decline in trade in 2021 due to Covid.

“British trade hasn’t fallen as badly as German trade.”

Concluding the debate, Careful Consideration said: “Brexit means less trade with the EU and more global trade – we are moving in the right direction.”

Since emerging from the Covid pandemic and starting to see the benefits of Brexit, Britain has experienced one of the fastest growth rates in the developed world.

In 2020, Germany exported around £13 billion worth of cars to the UK.

About one in seven cars made in Germany is sold in Britain.

A global shortage of microchips has led to a drop in car production worldwide as supply does not meet demand.


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