Business students from all over the world study together in Austria


Students from Germany, Spain, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Italy, France, Thailand and the United States took a course on organizational behavior in Austria.

As educational institutions restart their international exchanges after the COVID closures, the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall and MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® has used its collaboration agreement to set up an innovative way to encourage students to study abroad. At the end of May, the two institutions formed a mixed class in organizational behavior. In this class, 10 Seton Hall students, led by Seton Hall professor and Dean Emeritus Karen Boroff, Ph.D., joined a group of 12 MCI students.

“In the class were students from Germany, Spain, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Italy, France, Thailand and the United States. Discussion on topics such as leadership, motivation, professional values, etc. has been incredibly enriched by the cultures and experiences of students from around the world,” said Boroff. “While the textbooks routinely address topics of global implications of the concepts, our students were able to immediately apply these concepts from the rich dialogue they had with each other.”

Ondrej Pesek, International Short Programs Coordinator at MCI, said: “It was a pleasure to support such a project. It underlines our strategy of business news and intercultural aspects.

Susanne Lichtmannegger, Head of International Relations at MCI, oversaw the orientation of all students, providing them with information about MCI and Austrian culture. “It was so exciting to resume orientation in person and we welcomed our colleagues from Seton Hall to this new approach to exchange relationships. The model was a first for us and has not been replicated elsewhere. She noted that MCI has recently achieved top global rankings and accolades for its international orientation for its academic experience of U-Multirank. “U-Multirank, under the auspices of the European Commission, uses a multidimensional approach to evaluate international universities,” Lichtmannegger explained. “Our latest co-ed classroom structure is just another way MCI continues to be at the forefront of delivering great international educational experiences.”

The whole experience was structured so that students take classes over five days, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., from May 30 to June 3. They were alone during evenings and lunch breaks. Seton Hall students appreciated the ability to make their own travel arrangements to Innsbruck and find accommodation that best suited their needs. All students were able to socialize outside of class, which gave them the opportunity to learn from each other, share their experiences and career aspirations.

Robert Callahan, a rising Seton Hall senior specializing in sports management and marketing, remarked: “MCI in Innsbruck was the perfect place to study. The city was incredibly easy to navigate and the cultural and natural settings were beautiful. Danielle Sikowitz, a student for her MBA in International Business, initially wondered if not being able to speak German would be an obstacle, but soon learned that the city and the other MCI students were bilingual. “I found my favorite coffee in two days and felt at home quickly,” she said.

On top of everything else, Seton Hall manager and finance major Miguel Mendez Perulles noted that the timing of the course was perfect. “I was able to immerse myself in an international experience, visit neighboring cities like Munich, and still have the summer months to continue my internship at home.” With his classmates, rising junior Ehsan Mirzai, who is majoring in mathematical finance and finance, easily traveled to Italy with other students for a boat ride in the Dolomites. “Of course seeing the Alps right outside your classroom window was awesome,” he said.

MCI exchange student Guntinun Bonkrathok, who joined the program from Thailand, enjoyed the course and praised the lecturer Dr. Boroff. “She structured the class well and always encouraged discussions. She was very supportive and was always available for her students.”

Seton Hall University and MCI look forward to continuing their exchanges in this format. Boroff and Lichtmannegger agreed. “It’s an exceptional way to provide international learning experiences for all of our students.”

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