Damien Rieu: “The army is taking this matter very seriously and the media must be forced to stop ignoring these facts.”


Damien Rieu, whistleblower who mobilized opinion at the time of the Medina affair, returns to this video of a soldier of the army affirming, on November 13: “Do not engage in the army you will work with pigs. ”

He also denounces government plans to control information and videos to avoid the exit of this type of business.

A sentinel soldier films himself on snap: “And the brothers do not join the army, because walah is forced to work with the pigs 

You alerted the Army after receiving a video on Twitter showing a masked French soldier saying,

“Do not join the Army, you will work with pigs.”

Since I launch alerts, people sometimes send me videos of what they see on their social networks or receive from their friends. In the case of this video, someone who had Snapchat sent it to me. I put it on Twitter. Many people were indignant and shared the video.

The Army told you that very heavy penalties would be imposed on this soldier. Do you know more?

No, I do not know more. I did not have more details. But there is no reason to doubt that. The Army takes this very seriously.
The author of this video called me to tell me that it was a joke and that you had to take it to the second degree. I do not know if it’s true or not. I do not have the answers. The Army will determine whether it was first or second degree. Even if it is the second degree, I think that to do this a November 13 in the current context, it is not very clever and that it indeed deserves a sanction at least symbolic.

You were known as a whistleblower at the time of the Medina case. You then met Medina to discuss with him. Do you receive a lot of documents of this type?

We are several on Twitter either to seek or to disseminate information. The work is done by fdesouche in particular. I do not know if you followed, but yesterday, revelations were made through a hidden camera. A Canadian woman managed to trap an NGO director who explained how she was briefing migrants to create stories. They told them to tell how much they were being persecuted.
There is therefore a real work of investigation and watch to do. We are many to do it on social networks, including abroad. I think it’s very important for democracy. To show that the real illustrates our diagnoses.

We want to share this information as much as possible and continue to force the media.

There is a real challenge from this point of view. The media by themselves never go on these topics. They must be made to talk about these topics. The JDD makes an article about the video of the soldier. We manage to force the media who often try to ignore all this to talk about these phenomena by making them buzz on social networks.

In the end, you do the work that the media do not do …

The media never talk about violence videos. Castaner wants to reinforce the repression against videos. He wants to negotiate with the hosts so that videos showing violence are removed as quickly as possible. They know very well that it outrages people. People are in fact angry. But what we do not see does not exist. If we continue to broadcast videos of what is happening on the street, such as assaults or outrageous things, as we saw with the military, the government has to react to the reality. He can not hide it. This is the reason why Castaner wants to censor them. We will have to mobilize in the coming months against this draft measures. They would be very serious for liberties and diversity of opinion.

This echoes the robbery of this teacher in full swing. This had been revealed through a mobile phone. The consequence was that our officials wanted to ban the mobile phone. In the end, we are not acting on insecurity, but on what reveals it …

That’s exactly right. This is what Blanquer said, even if his words were, it seems, a little truncated. He would not have said that.
Without the cell phone and social networks, we would not have known. The teacher would not have complained.
We see in this case that if the facts do not go out and are not shared on the networks, they do not exist. So it’s about transparency and justice. And for things to move forward, these videos must exist. Freedom of information must be protected.


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