DynaFlex and SUSS MicroTec to stimulate local investment


SUSS MicroTec doubled its workforce in Taiwan last year to 185 and is seeking to turn the country into one of its key manufacturing bases, he said.

U.S. biotech developer DynaFlex and German semiconductor equipment supplier SUSS MicroTec will increase investment in Taiwan as they seek to develop the country into one of their global manufacturing hubs, they said on Wednesday.

At a press conference held by the Hsinchu Science Park Office at Hsinchu Science Park (新竹科學園區), DynaFlex Vice President of Operations Cherie Hung (洪巧俐) told reporters that the company had moved into the science park’s biotech development section in 2019, deploying 5,000 brain and heart catheters per month.

DynaFlex plans to lease another factory in the science park this year, which would double its monthly capacity and its workforce of 30 employees, Hung said.

Photo: Grace Hung, Taipei Times

The increased investment should help the company provide customers with one-stop services as it aims to make Taiwan one of its most important manufacturing bases, she added.

SUSS MicroTec is also looking to transform its Taiwanese production site into one of the company’s overseas manufacturing hubs by leveraging the country’s rich pool of high-tech talent and its location in the Asian market.

The German automaker opened a sales office and customer service center in Taiwan in 2001 before setting up a production base in Hsinchu Science Park in 2020.

Its product portfolio in Taiwan largely focuses on semiconductor mask aligners, as well as rotary coatings and semiconductor developers, he said.

Last year, shipments from Taiwan topped 20 units, a 10-fold increase from the end of 2020, while its workforce grew from around 90 employees to 185 over the same period, said said the company.

SUSS MicroTec said it will continue to expand the production capacity of spin-coating machines and semiconductor developers in Taiwan, adding that the machine production capacity in Taiwan may exceed that of its German base.

It would also increase production of solid-state mask aligners by further expanding its workforce, he said, adding that the salary increase for employees in Taiwan this year was double that of last year. .

The company has also started buying raw materials from Taiwan for local production, he added.

Hsinchu Science Park Office general manager Wayne Wang (王永壯) told reporters that Taiwanese companies purchased NT$700 billion ($25.33 billion) worth of semiconductor equipment last year. , including NT$600 billion of imports.

Taiwan wants to boost local production of semiconductor equipment by increasing investment in the industry, Wang said.

Several U.S. semiconductor equipment suppliers, including KLA Corp and Lam Research Corp, have asked the park to establish factories in the science park, he said.

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