Egyptian Banking Institute expands banker training and capacity development locally and across Africa



The Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI), the official training body of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE), announced its achievements for the 2020/21 fiscal year, confirming its commitment to develop and train human capital in banking and financial sectors. The institute’s exceptional accomplishments position it as a pioneer of learning and development in the region.

Abdel Aziz Nossier, Executive Director of EBI, said he was delighted with the Institute’s journey in terms of development, growth and achieving lasting success during the 2020/21 financial year.

He said: “The launch of the EBI e-learning platform in 2018 is seen as a proactive step that has prepared us to provide our departments with the latest digital learning technologies after the spread of the coronavirus. In 2020/21, 24,150 interns and over 70,000 beneficiaries benefited from EBI’s interactive distance learning (IDL) and e-learning programs. Regarding our international programs, EBI delivered 80 international programs for 1,184 trainees through IDL, in cooperation with international training and financial organizations. In addition, EBI also delivered several new programs addressing topics compatible with the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the financial and banking sector. “

Under the auspices of CBE, EBI continued to deliver the SANS Security Awareness Program in cooperation with SANS for 30,000 bankers from 12 banks, enabling all applicants to be able to deal with all cyber dangers and electronic attacks. In light of EBI’s continued efforts to expand the provision of its e-learning services, EBI has also signed a cooperation agreement with Go1, an established leader in e-learning and education, to offer the Egyptian banking sector access to over 80,000 world-class content courses. providers, including Skillsoft, Thomson Reuters and Wall Street Prep, all through a centralized platform.

Nossier added that during 2020/21 EBI developed and launched its Training for Employment (TFE) program in its new e-learning format, with the aim of bridging the gap between university education and the demands of the labor market by developing the technical and business skills of young people through specialized training which will enable them to interact and deal with others and to strengthen the skills necessary for their professional development.

Under the auspices of the CBE and to complement the Institute’s role in supporting human capital development in the African banking sector, EBI has successfully delivered training services during fiscal year 2020/21 to over 200 professionals from the African banking sector, bringing the total number of beneficiaries who have benefited from EBI’s training services reach more than 3,500 African trainees in more than 40 African countries.

As for EBI’s assessment services, more than 47,500 candidates were assessed for hiring, development and promotion purposes, doubling the number of beneficiaries served compared to the previous fiscal year. EBI now provides its valuation services remotely, thanks to the signing of a cooperation agreement with one of the world’s leading companies in the field of valuation services, “Mercer Mettl”. The agreement authorizes EBI to provide an Mpaas system for applicants and trainees in the Egyptian banking sector to complete secure online exams anytime and anywhere using credible anti-cheat technology and robust security features. Also; another agreement was also made with Spencer Stuart’s Leadership Advisory Services (LAS), the leading executive leadership and research firm, to assess and develop executives.

In addition, EBI launched the online platform Efham Business, in cooperation with Nilepreneurs and GIZ Egypt on behalf of the German Development Cooperation and the European Union, to meet the needs of startups, small and medium-sized enterprises ( SMEs) and entrepreneurs, by offering non-financial support, knowledge sharing and expert matchmaking services, in the following areas: accounting, legal advice, human resources, marketing, export preparation and public procurement.

Since the role of EBI is not limited to training, the EBI Research and Outreach Department published the first Egyptian study aimed at determining the future of skills in the Egyptian banking sector in response to the increased interest in new developments in the labor market, future trends in different fields, jobs, skills and successive technological developments. The study was presented to the HR managers of Egyptian banks in order to mainly encourage employers and HR professionals to review their employment and assessment practices and to direct more efforts towards professional development and improvement. workforce skills. In addition to the study, EBI also publishes a publication to the banking sector which covers the latest international banking trends affecting the industry, and highlights the best practices of international institutions in each of these trends. In terms of support for research and innovation, EBI launched in 2021 its “Innovation competition” – to replace the research competition – with the aim of keeping pace with the changing dynamics of the market. banking sector influenced by digitization and Fintech technologies through research to achieve the most innovative solutions. The candidates’ ideas and projects are presented to a jury of experts in the banking sector to select the best projects.

As part of EBI’s continuous effort to provide the best level of services and consolidate the relationship with its customers, a hotline number 15200 has been launched to facilitate communication access to all information on the services of the institute and to better respond to all requests.

As part of EBI’s social responsibility, the second phase of the “Basira” initiative was launched with the aim of improving access to quality of life for people with visual impairments by converting their books to study in audio or word format allowing them to continue their studies easily. EBI also launched the “Etaha” Initiative in May 2021 to support the creation of a diverse working environment and serve as a link between people with special needs who seek employment opportunities and the banking sector. Thanks to the Etaha Initiative; after having fulfilled the registration conditions and passed the evaluations; applicants are then enrolled in an online training program to develop and enhance their talents and career development skills. At the end of the training program, the data and experience profiles of the candidates are uploaded to the initiative’s online platform to be shared with the human resources departments of the Egyptian banking sector with the aim of integrating them. in their recruitment process for potential employment opportunities.

In addition to the successful initiatives designed for young people, Nossier was happy to add that the implementation of the FinYology initiative has been entrusted to EBI by CBE. The FinYology initiative aims to give the opportunity to students from different universities to work on classified fintech projects and to propose innovative fintech solutions.

In addition to EBI’s successes, Nossier noted that EBI has launched an official website for its quarterly magazine, Al Masrafeyon, to include a set of banking news and developments, in addition to opinion pieces. and dialogues presented by a distinguished group of experts in the field. Al Masrafeyon’s website also covers the latest developments in the banking industry, in addition to showcasing all of EBI’s activities and initiatives.

Nosseir concluded, “We will continue to devote resources to developing the workforce and caliber of human capital in Egypt, the Arab and African regions, providing the latest innovations in line with international standards under the leadership and CBE support. “



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