EPS Borrowed Idea Of Farm Loan Waiver From DMK, According To Kanimozhi | Coimbatore News

Tirupur: Deputy DMK Kanimozhi attacked the AIADMK government for its alleged failure to protect farmers’ interests, even as Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami campaigned in Tirupur.
Speaking to the audience in Annur, which reports to the Avinashi segment of the assembly, Kanimozhi said it was DMK chairman MP Stalin who announced in January that agricultural loans would be canceled in the State once DMK came to power. “EPS only woke up because of the DMK announcement and hastily made the promise to waive the farm loan. “
She said it was to cover up the government’s failure to protect the rights and interests of farmers by supporting the three farm laws brought in by the Center that EPS announced the loan forgiveness. “On the other hand, DMK has always been a friend of farmers.
Even in the case of the kudimaramathu project, Kanimozhi said, the AIADMK government had let the farmers down. “None of the water bodies have been properly desalinated. The stratagem was implemented only for the benefit of AIADMK men to loot money, ”she said, mocking the AIADMK men in Tirupur who described EPS as“ kudimaramathu nayagan ” .
Speaking to EPS, she said the BJP-AIADMK combine has not only left farmers behind, but other oppressed sections as well.

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