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By: Bakary Ceesay

In recognition of the role and efforts of Gambians at home and abroad, investGambia is hosting the New Years Eve Mega Gala and Merit Awards, Gambia (MAG) on December 31, 2021 at Penchami Hall, Paradise Suites Hotel, Kololi , Gambia.

Invest Gambia (IG) is a non-profit financial institution providing properly structured debt financing

solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in The Gambia. The Invest Gambia group, while

offering returns in the market, aims to have a social impact. Invest Gambia focuses on lending for success

Gambian SMEs in need of financing for the growth or expansion of their activities, mainly as a senior secured offshore lender. It has structured financial offers with levels adapted to cash flow

production capacities of the SME.

Invest Gambia has members of management, staff and the credit committee who are independent of the Invest Gambia group and its activities. Understand that

medium-sized Gambian companies usually have different guarantees to offer more than their larger ones

counterparts, Invest Gambia Private Credit works with them on a flexible basis to ensure that deserving borrowers have access to appropriate debt financing.

Invest Gambia is a reputable establishment designed to guide, support, encourage and invite more

investors in The Gambia. At Invest Gambia, we believe that creating value goes through concentration

on corporate responsibility and sustainability alongside capital investments. Invest Gambia is

targeting growing SMEs with strong track records, proven cash-generating capabilities and viable business plans, in various industries except unethical or speculative industries.

Businesses don’t like the term “turnaround consultation” because it represents a failure. The truth is that

turnaround counseling represents success.

On the occasion of The Gambia’s 56th anniversary and in recognition of the role and efforts of

Gambians and the diaspora, Invest Gambia is organizing an international event on the 31

December 2021, with a focus on individuals, businesses, charities and professionals

associations, among others who continue to position the nation in a positive light through their

contributions to the Gambian community and to society in general.

Gambians do great things wherever they are, at home (Gambia) and abroad. This must not go

unnoticed! Invest Gambia proposed the Merit Awards, Gambia (MAG) to recognize and

appreciate the efforts of Gambians in national development. The gala evening and the awards are intended for

recognize individuals and organizations for their achievements and their commitment to society.

This event aims to introduce the public to Gambians in the diaspora and those living in The Gambia.

attention and celebration of excellence in national breakthroughs and achievements in the nation

and beyond.

The program is scheduled to take place on December 31, 2021 at Penchami Hall, Paradise Suites

Hotel, Kololi. We intend to reward a total of 100 Gambians who have contributed and continue to contribute to

national development. The purpose of this national event on New Years Eve 2021 is to honor the

participation of older people and young people in national development.

The categories of the Merit Awards, Gambia, include those who have excelled or contributed to the

the following areas of development include writing,

Agriculture, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT),

Science, technology and innovation, water resources,

Finance and economy, Youth and sports, Oil and gas / Energy,

Education, entertainment, arts and tourism, hotel and restaurant management, housing and real estate, transportation, fashion and aesthetics, philanthropy, leadership development, music and cinema.

Christopher Mendy, aka Gambian Chris Black, Managing Partner of Invest Gambia, told Voice Vibes that Gambians are doing great things wherever they are, at home and abroad. This should not go unnoticed!

“This international New Years Eve event aims to recognize and appreciate the efforts of Gambians who have changed the storytelling of how stories are told about The Gambia.

A young Gambian entrepreneur based in Germany explained that the event will provide Gambians with the opportunity to network with professionals, share business ideas, reconnect with new and old friends, dialogue on peace and advocate for national unity.

“There will be fireworks, dancing, art exhibitions, spoken poetry, music and unlimited entertainment. Help us spread the message using the hashtags: #investgambia #meritawardsgambia # 31december2021 “The gala will feature Gambian artist Hussain Dada, Musa Filly Jobarteh, Sophia, Miss Jobizz, Barhama, Nobles, Jalimadi and many more .

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