German companies: Cloud yes, only one provider no


The cloud is well received in German companies – or rather the clouds, as customers no longer rely on a single provider. As an IBM study shows, only 2% of respondents have their IT based on a vendor’s infrastructure. Just two years ago, things were different: 28% of them trusted a single cloud.

In Germany, 77 percent cite the reason for the change that it is important or extremely important to their success that their services are fully portable. And 77% also said vendor loyalty is a major barrier to improving “business performance in most or all areas of their cloud infrastructure.”

IBM also asked about cloud security. However, it was surprising that a third of those polled said that better security and lower risk are not their biggest business and IT investments. However, this contradicts the fact that 77% in Germany said data security in the cloud is important or extremely important for the success of digital initiatives. The latest incidents involving ransomware and computer vulnerabilities did not alert BSI of a red alert until the end of October.

For the study, IBM surveyed nearly 7,200 executives from 28 industries and 47 countries. Big Blue separately lists some of the results for Germany.

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