German economy ‘suffers’ as Berlin ‘made a mistake’ in siding with NATO, Putin says


At the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) summit in the Kazakh capital Astana, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Germany had made a mistake in siding with NATO’s military alliance West, and had harmed its national interests. “Germany has decided that commitments to certain international agreements, including NATO, take precedence over national interests. I think this is a mistake and their economy and their citizens are suffering. Otherwise they would not undermine the Nord Stream gas pipelines,” Putin said at a press conference. the call of the press at the top.

“A branch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is in working order. The decision to launch it is not taken and it is unlikely to be taken, but it is not our business,” Putin said during the Mountain peak.

Putin had previously offered the Germans the option of resuming gas supplies through the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, as a component of it was still functional. “The ball is in the EU’s court. If they want, the taps can be turned on and that’s it,” he said during a speech at an energy forum in Moscow. Putin said the pipeline still holds the capacity to supply around 27 billion cubic meters of gas per year to Europe. Russian Federation leader Putin’s offer was not well received in Berlin, with the latter rejecting the prospect of Russian energy imports. Asked by a reporter in Berlin whether the Scholz administration would rule out the use of Nord Stream 2, a German government spokeswoman, Christiane Hoffmann, replied, “Yes.”

“Regardless of the possible sabotage of the two gas pipelines, we have seen that Russia is no longer a reliable energy supplier, and that even before the damage to Nord Stream 1, there was no gas flowing,” he said. Hoffmann said during a briefing.

Russia focuses on strengthening multilateral cooperation with Central Asia

At the Astana summit, Putin stressed that Russia is now focusing more on strengthening multilateral cooperation with allied countries in Central Asia and aims to establish new production and marketing chains, ensure the smooth functioning joint ventures and setting up alternative logistics systems. The Russian Federation “is interested in connecting Central Asian countries to Russia’s large-scale import substitution initiatives,” Putin told reporters, as he denounced European nation Germany for taking a stand with NATO and the West.

Putin said he was in fact reconfiguring financial settlement mechanisms with Central Asia that would eliminate the “unnecessary involvement of Western companies”. When asked if he would be willing to speak with US President Joe Biden, Putin said: “You should ask him [Joe Biden] if he wants to talk to me. Right now, I don’t see the need for negotiations with Biden until I see a platform for it.”


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