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Brandon Weichert, geopolitical analyst and author of Winning space: How America Remains a Superpower, told that Berlin plans to continue receiving gas from Russia. It comes as Moscow warned that ‘unfriendly’ countries had until March 31 to pay for their gas in rubles or face a cut in supply. While European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen urged countries to reject the request because it would undermine sanctions, Germany appears poised to give in to Moscow’s demands.

Mr. Weichert said: “Berlin is not interested in being the seat of resistance against Russia in this new, somewhat cold war with Moscow.

“Not only is Germany (still) dependent on Russia for cheap and easily accessible natural gas, but Berlin has plans to be a strategic balance against what it perceives as unwanted American influence on Europe.”

Germany was slower than its Western counterparts to ship lethal aid to Ukraine to fight the Russians.

Mr. Scholz then turned around and agreed this week to supply kyiv with anti-aircraft tanks.

But Mr. Weichert does not think this tone will last long.

He told “It is true that Scholz seemed to have a (slight) turnaround and started supporting the transfer of German weapons to Ukraine as the Russian invasion of Ukraine unfolded. continued.

“However, Scholz and his advisers never agreed with Washington that a long war in Ukraine was necessary or desirable.

“Berlin will once again slow down and back away from its position of offloading critical weapons to Ukraine in hopes that they can help ease tensions and peacefully resolve the Russian-Ukrainian war – all for for that natural gas to come back to Germany and to get back to how things were before the invasion.

Germany has previously signaled it is open to eventually divesting from Russian gas, arguing that an immediate ban would be too damaging to its economy.

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He said: “Germany should realize that there is no turning back.

“Whatever happens in Europe, Russian hostility is now a reality and Germany will soon have to choose sides.

“My fear is that Germany will choose to try to balance Russia and America against each other – or worse, that Berlin will end up siding with Moscow on both energy and because elements of the German elite truly believe that Russia can be used as a reliable partner in the balance against China’s rise in the East.

“Western opposition to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has made this almost impossible. Scholz will, however, continue to thwart the Western alliance as the crisis drags on, precisely because he does not want to escalate tensions.

And Mr. Weichert fears that Berlin’s rapprochement with Russia is far from over.

He said: “It remains to be seen whether Germany will have the leverage it thinks it has to slow Western support for Ukraine’s war effort. In the meantime, this is just the start of Germany’s double game.


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