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The past two years have been marked by an increasing number of people choosing Berlin over London thanks to the changes brought about by Brexit. With the choice between doing business in expensive London or increasingly expensive Berlin, more and more people are choosing this city of 4 million people, the largest city in the EU.

About 26% of German residents were born in another country, a higher figure in Berlin, where people born in 190 other countries live, work, play and go to school.

The proof is in the food. During my last two week trip to Berlin, I enjoyed food from Israel, Iceland, Italy and Iran, to name just four “me” countries.

People who eat in Berlin’s restaurants or its many markets still eat out in November, and public transportation by tram, bus, metro, or train is much easier than in any major American city.

Transportation allows American tourists to gain insight into how well this international city functions, even in times of increasing pandemic infection. Germany is experiencing a fourth wave of COVID-19 as the number of infections increases dramatically across Europe.

Every public transport user wears a mask, and not just any old cloth mask, but a more protective, medical grade mask.

Visitors to restaurants or indoor events such as the Berlin-Istanbul basketball game I attended must dress up and show proof of vaccination.


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