Government asks Germans in UK to drive trucks


The government has asked thousands of Germans in the UK to contribute to the truck driver shortage, even though they have never driven a truck before.

The letter, sent by the Department of Transportation, asks recipients to “consider returning” to the truck driving industry.

It reads: “Your valuable skills and experience have never been as needed as they are now. “

Germans who obtained their driving license before 1999 have the right, by virtue of their license, to drive small to medium-sized trucks up to 7.5 tonnes.

This means that almost every German citizen living in the UK has received the letter asking for help, despite the overwhelming majority of them having never driven a truck before.

“We would never have been wanted for that in Germany”

A German and his wife both received the letter today.

The letter sent by the British government. Photo: Peter Brissenden

Man said The independent: “We were quite surprised.

“I’m sure the wages and conditions for truck drivers have improved, but I finally decided to continue my role in an investment bank. My wife has never driven anything bigger than a Volvo, so she also intends to turn down this exciting opportunity.

“It’s nice to know that there are skilled jobs available here for us after Brexit. We would never have been recruited to drive a truck if we had returned to Germany.

The letters were also sent to other drivers, such as paramedics, paramedics and motorhome owners.

Filtering recipients

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Transport said the letter had been sent to around one million heavy truck driver’s license holders and that it would have been “impossible” to send it only to professional drivers due to the data protection rules.

But a wine production official said the government could have targeted people better by looking at people’s records and seeing who worked in the transportation industry or at least has the CPC test required for driving commercial heavy trucks. .

Peter Brissenden, from Kent, said he received the letter yesterday and “absolutely” does not consider accepting the offer.

Brissenden passed his heavy truck driving test three years ago just to be able to drive a motorhome, and believes being asked to work as a truck driver shows a “gun approach” by a “desperate government” .

“Firewall approach of a desperate government”

He said London’s economy: “The letter I received shows a completely scattered approach from a government that is desperate to resolve a problem that is entirely of its own creation.

“Part of it is due to Covid, but obviously the vast majority, the reason we don’t have foreign drivers in the UK is because a lot of them have returned home after Brexit.

He added: “Even if you are pro-Brexit, there is an argument that skilled drivers are skilled, driving is a skilled profession, should have been allowed to stay in the country.

“I don’t know what the working conditions are in the EU, but it can’t be worse than here. “

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