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A study by the environmental organization Greenpeace shows that 29% of short-haul flights have rail connections with less than six hours of travel. For the remaining 15%, there are direct train connections with sleeping cars.

A study commissioned by Greenpeace compared the 150 most frequently used short-haul flights in the European Union with the top 250 in the European Union as well as Switzerland, Norway and the United Kingdom with existing railways.

The plane harms the climate more than the train

According to Greenpeace, short-haul flights degrade the climate about twelve times more than comparable train journeys. Transport expert Lena Donat said road trips that can be covered in just a few hours by train run counter to climate protection. She noted that “flights on these short routes should no longer be allowed”. Donut said the new federal government should expand rail services and end climate-damaging short trips.

Greenpeace notes that one in three trips to and from Germany could be replaced by a climate-friendly train trip that takes less than six hours. Eliminating these particularly climate-damaging air routes, net of the emissions associated with increased rail traffic, would save around 1.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Mainly, Greenpeace advocates the cancellation of frequent flights, such as from Frankfurt to Brussels, Munich, Berlin or Hamburg, as the rail already offers high-speed connections on these routes.

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