Inside the luxury life of Gunther IV


WHILE most of us humans can only dream of receiving £280m, life is pretty sweet for this pup.

Gunther IV, a German Shepherd inherited his great wealth from his grandfather, Gunther III.


Gunther is well cared for by his caretaker and estate trusteeCredit: AP

Gunther IV owns a villa in the Bahamas and until recently owned a mansion in Miami, where Madonna lived.

The mansion was sold this year for a staggering £21million, taking his wealth to over £300million.

But how did Gunther acquire all of his assets?

Gunther IV inherited his fortune from his grandfather Gunther III, who received an inheritance worth £277 million after the death of his heirless owner, German Countess Karlotta Leibenstein in 1992.

She left her entire estate to her beloved dog, as she had no close friends or relatives.

Thanks to good investments made by estate agents, the dog’s wealth has skyrocketed over the years.

Gunther has now sold the property Madonna was living in, with the help of the realtor in charge of the transaction, Ruthie Assouline.

She told People, “When the dog handlers first told me a dog owned the property, I couldn’t believe it.

“When we first met Gunther, he ran up to me and gave me a huge slobbery kiss and licked my lipstick.”

“I think that’s what really sealed the deal!”

The beloved pup had over 8,400 square feet to roam, but his favorite place to hang out in the mansion was Madonna’s former bedroom.

When an animal gives an inheritance it is usually placed in a trust for a human trustee to oversee how it is spent and a caretaker is appointed to ensure the animal is cared for.

With Gunther’s wealth, they not only invested in properties all over the world, but they also set up Gunther Rescue to help animals less fortunate than him.

Gunther often spends his day lounging or chasing after tennis balls


Gunther often spends his day lounging or chasing after tennis ballsCredit: AP
Gunther recently sold his Miami mansion where Madonna lived


Gunther recently sold his Miami mansion where Madonna livedCredit: The Mega Agency

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