Is it a good investment?


Crypto (FET) is booming and many investors want to know more about it. Its price has climbed 30% to trade above $ 0.50 in the past 24 hours. Altcoin gained around 900% in 2021, but is still trading 40% below its all-time high. What is the crypto FET price prediction and is it a good investment now?

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Bitcoin’s lifetime investment returns at one point in time recently hit around 80,000,000 percent. This meant that a $ 100 investment in the early years of the flagship crypto had grown to over $ 80 million. Bitcoin’s success has inspired many crypto projects.

Investors looking for Bitcoin-like returns are eager to find the next cryptocurrency to explode. Although there are thousands of cryptocurrencies, not all of them will succeed as good investments. Therefore, if you are considering FET crypto as an investment, it would be wise to first understand what it is and its price prediction.

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What is cryptography (FET) and how does it work? is a UK-based blockchain company focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Developers come to the platform to build and test intelligence applications that can be deployed to perform a variety of tasks. solutions are paid in FET token.

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Why the price of crypto (FET) is increasing

The surge in FET crypto prices can be attributed to several factors. First, crypto was recently added to Coinbase and this has significantly increased its exposure to large investors.

Second, German manufacturing giant Bosch recently revealed plans to use the platform for its machine learning research. This made many investors realize that crypto FET could have a bright future. Investors are rushing to buy the token.

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How many FET crypto tokens are there and is the supply capped?

Some 746 million FET tokens are currently in circulation. The maximum crypto supply is capped at 1.2 billion tokens. The payments-focused cryptos Ripple and Stellar Lumens also have a fixed maximum supply of tokens. Cryptocurrencies with a capped top offer offer automatic inflation protection and are popular with risk-averse investors.

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Is crypto FET a good long term investment?

Crypto FET’s nearly 900% gain in 2021 puts it even ahead of blue-chip cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The reason you might be interested in the crypto FET price prediction is to try to assess whether it might reward investors in the future.

There is a good chance that altcoin will continue to gain in value over the long term. Bosch’s decision to conduct machine learning trials on brings much-needed credibility to the new project and could help attract more high-profile customers to the platform.

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Alsp, the potential application cases for machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies continue to develop. For example, researchers at Cambridge have started testing the use of AI technology in the early detection of dementia. Such efforts promise to bring more attention to and generate more demand for its FET token.

fet crypto outlook

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FET crypto price prediction

With the crypto FET surging but still trading well below its all-time high of $ 0.88, you might be wondering what the future might bring. The FET coin has gained over 90% over the past month.

In order for the crypto to return to its all-time high from the current price before the end of 2021, it will need to earn 15% per month on a compound basis over the remaining period. If it continues at this rate, it could reach $ 100 before 2025.

Where to buy FET crypto

If you like the crypto FET price prediction, you might want to take advantage of the pullback from the peak to buy the downside. The best places to buy the token with the US dollar are Coinbase and Bitfinex. Alternatively, you can convert your Bitcoin or Ethereum to a FET token on KuCoin, Gate, and Binance.

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