Mercedes-Benz rates its flagship electric vehicle EQS below the S-Class – TechCrunch


The Mercedes-Benz has priced the flagship electric vehicle EQS at more than $ 8,700 less than its gasoline-powered S-Class counterpart, a strategic move by the German automaker to ensure a successful deployment of the luxury electric vehicle in North America.

The EQS, which will arrive in US dealerships in fall 2021, will start at $ 103,360, including the destination fee of $ 1,050. The federal tax credit will offer an additional $ 7,500 over the price of the sticker.

Mercedes-Benz will start with two models: the EQS 450+ and the EQS 580 4MATIC, which are priced higher by $ 120,160. These two variants will come in three versions – the top is aptly called Pinnacle – pushing that price up to 126,360, including the destination fee of $ 1,050.

Mercedes’ decision to price the EQS below the S-Class, which starts at $ 112,150 (including destination fees), illustrates the issues at stake here. The S-Class has long been the company’s flagship luxury sedan. Mercedes, which earlier this year presented a 40 billion euros ($ 47 billion) plan to become an all-electric automaker by the end of the decade, must either convert former S-Class owners to EQS, or bring in a new list of buyers.

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz exudes ultra-luxury, as expected. But it’s also packed with tech, including a 56-inch hyper-display, a monster HEPA air filter, and software that intuitively learns the driver’s wants and needs. There is even a new fragrance called No.6 MOOD Linen and is described as “carried by the green note of a fig and flax”.

Mercedes is betting that technology, combined with performance, design and price, will attract buyers. As TechCrunch has already noted, this is a high stakes game for Mercedes. The German automaker is banking on a successful deployment of the EQS in North America that will erase all memory of its troubled – and now unsuccessful – launch of the EQC crossover in the United States.


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