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This year’s edition of the “Brand Finance Europe 500 2021” ranking shows that due to the pandemic, the total value of the top 500 European brands has fallen by 10% – z € 1.96 billion H 2020 p. Make 1.76 billion euros w 2021 p.

More than half of the brands in the ranking come from three countries: Germany, France and Great Britain.

Polish brands in the Brand Finance Europe 500 2021

Central and Eastern European countries are represented by only 22 brands – of which 15 are from Russia and five are from Poland. Our country is represented in the ranking by Pedroncka (272, outclassed by 285), PKO BP (304, below 250), PZU (rated 359, against 385), PKN Orlen (375, unchanged) and Asseco (starting in 453.).

Dominate the list of car brands – Mercedes is the most valuable brand and Ferrari is the most powerful brand on the old continent. The podium in the list of the most valued European brands is completed by the German T-Mobile and Volkswagen,

The top ten also include: Shell, BMW, Porsche, BP, Siemens, EY and Allianz. Seven of the top ten brands come from Germany, two from Great Britain and one from the Netherlands.

Ferrari is the most powerful brand in Europe

The value of Mercedes-Benz brand financing is estimated at 49.6 billion euros, and Volkswagen is down 1%. up to 40.0 billion euros. BMW is worth 34.4 billion euros and Porsche 29.2 billion euros.

Among the other branches of the economy, brands in the banking sector recorded the largest decline in value in the table, while the commerce sector was one of the few sectors to register an increase.

The list of the most powerful European brands was opened by the Italian Ferrari ahead of SBER and MTC. The next places on the list were Lego, EY, Rolex, Swisscom, Moncler, Gucci and Gazprom.

– With such strong domination of the largest European economies – Germany, France and Great Britain, conquering the continent is not easy for brands in small markets. It is necessary to invest in building strong brands and supporting expansion into foreign markets, which will also have a positive impact on the future development of local economies – comments Richard Hay, Managing Director of Brand Finance.


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