Political correctness hits the army: a promotion of Saint-Cyr “debaptisée”


The promotion of Saint-Cyr that will leave the Breton moor in July 2019 will be renamed.

The staff specifies that “it will be engaged with the students of the promotion concerned” a journey of memory “at the end of which a new name of godfather will be chosen” .

This promotion bears the name of General Loustaunau-Lacau (1894-1955). It is a first that a promotion of Saint-Cyr is thus “debaptisée”!

The promotion name is not chosen by chance in our officer schools. It is the result of a long and complex process initiated by the choice of the cadets themselves, validated by the military and political authorities.

See his promotion “debaptisée” is a trauma for the cyrards who chose their godfather.

As for this famous “journey of memory” , it evokes the “re-education of vietminh camps”, as written to me by an admiral (2S) of my friends. So there is something to be worried about.

But who is Loustaunau-Lacau?


Saint-cyrien of the promotion of Montmirail (1912 -1914), Georges Loustaunau-Lacau makes the Great War in the infantry, that will finish like captain, Legion of honor and cross of war with three palmes and a star. Between the wars, campaign of Morocco after the School of war in 1924, of which he leaves major. Then he was commanding officer of the 24th Mountain Infantry Battalion. He then succeeds Charles de Gaulle as “feather” of Marshal Petain. From 1936, he founded the Corvignolles networks, whose purpose is to unmask the communist cells in the army.

Again war: in the Resistance in 1941, he founded the Alliance network. His anti-German activism made him imprisoned by Vichy, then he was delivered to the Germans and deported to Mauthausen in 1943. After the war, he nevertheless had to deal with Justice for his pre-war activities, suspected of having belonged to Hood.

Bleached by its judges, it has been erased from the collective memory of French by official historians ” in the words of the resistant Alain Griotteray.

Appointed general by Vincent Auriol in 1954, he died while he was deputy of the Basses-Pyrénées.

What do we blame late for Loustaunau-Lacau?

To have been “anti-Semitic”, it seems! Admittedly, he, like many before the war, was able to criticize the various lobbies he considered to have played a detrimental role in the disarmament of France. But to make it an “anti-Semite,” meaning a “Nazi” or a “fascist,” is totally false and unfair. In reality, what is criticized today is to have been “a rebellious French”, but especially “a supposed coward and a resistant right-wing”.

It is obviously for this reason that, yielding to the politically correct, the authorities have today decided to rename this promotion!

These people should reread these words of Simon Epstein:

“Number of anti-fascists of 1936, turned into collaboration in 1940 but experts to be forgiven in 1944, will have experienced a more peaceful liberation than that which will persecute this resistant of the first hour, survivor of Mauthausen and the marches of the death. “As written by Colonel Groussard, another great resistance,” all his life, Georges Loustaunau-Lacau launched into battle without ever considering the dramatic consequences this could have for him. ” And for Alain Griotteray, “Georges Loustaunau-Lacau has sacrificed to his convictions, in the service of the motherland, his career, his freedom, his honor and his reputation” .

We do not debap a promotion of Saint-Cyr, an officer promotion, whatever it is and for whatever reason. No late pretext can justify it even though the officer who gave his name to this promotion has proved by his actions at all times his high conception of the profession of arms and patriotism.

Long live the General Georges Loustaunau-Lacau promotion!









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