Qualcomm CEO is open to working with foundry partners in Europe


Most of Qualcomm’s manufacturing is aimed at cutting-edge technology, with the majority of foundries in this region located in Taiwan, South Korea and the United States, Amon said, adding that he fully supports the company’s plans. ‘EU aimed at attracting foundries.

“If this happens with advanced processing technology, Qualcomm will definitely be interested in using these foundries. “

The Californian group, the world’s leading supplier of key semiconductors in mobile phones, has entered the automotive sector with chips that can power dashboards and infotainment systems at the same time.

Qualcomm’s commitment to the automotive sector is also reflected in a recent $ 4.6 billion bid for Swedish supplier Veoneer, which Amon says has been well received by the industry.

“We are in the auto industry to stay,” he said.

Amon, who took the helm of Qualcomm in June, said he was meeting with CEOs of all major German automakers this week, adding that Qualcomm now works with 23 of the world’s 26 car brands.

“Today we have existing business relationships and planned future relationships with all German automakers,” Amon said, adding that he had amassed a $ 10 billion backlog in his automotive business over the past few years. last four years.

This week, Qualcomm announced a deal with Renault, which followed a deal with General Motors earlier this year.

Qualcomm works with all of the major global foundries or subcontractors, including Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, Samsung Electronics, GlobalFoundries, and Semiconductor Manufacturing International.

Amon said the company has done a lot in the past 12 months to build new manufacturing facilities with its suppliers to address the global chip shortage: “We plan to go into 2022 with the majority of this problem behind us. . “

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