Supreme leader responds to German apology


Marthina Mutanga

GENOCIDE which does not translate into an obligation to pay reparations to victim communities is clearly not the definition of the act as understood and defined by the international community or even the United Nations.

Ovaherero’s Traditional Authority Supreme Leader, Lawyer Vekuii Rukoro, said the German Foreign Ministry’s statement was nothing more than a public relations exercise aimed at providing generations of ‘Ovaherero and Nama a dead rotten black cat while telling the world the bag is full of polished diamonds!

“The German version of what constitutes genocide is one that speaks purely of a moral obligation such that it, out of the goodness of the heart, as a gesture of goodwill – and not a legal obligation, has decided to lend its support under form of project funding is simply not a remedy. ! Rukoro exclaimed.

He continued, “So it is clear that Germany has duped the Namibian government into a rotten deal with the expected apologies being an apology for normal colonial crimes but not genocide as a crime against humanity.”

The Supreme Leader finally noted that, therefore, there is nothing new or unique about Germany’s so-called agreement with Namibia.


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