The myth of global warming collapses but taxes explode


Power teaches the “hicks” that manifest with yellow vests. 

The taxation of fuels would be an imperative obligation, because the planet would be in danger of death, our children would risk to grill on the spot. A drawing, no doubt inspired by power, is symbolic of this simplistic propaganda (stupid?). We see a street invaded by “beaufs” who protest against taxes and the same street, a few years later, deserted because the temperatures have risen by 2 °! This is a total delirium, because such a rise in temperatures would be virtually painless, at least in France.

Is warming a myth? Maybe not, but it probably does not have the scale it is given. The temperature difference between the average of October 2018 and those of October from 1980 to 2010 was only 0.5 ° after 0.4 in September 1 . We have returned to the level of the year 2005.

In the same way, we are told that the Arctic is losing its pack ice.


To prove this phenomenon, the hilarious Mrs. Royal highlighted an alleged opening of the Northwest Passage. Indeed, in August 2018 a freighter went directly from Japan to Europe along the coast of Siberia. This alleged feat is actually a damp squib because boats have already achieved in the nineteenth century. In addition, the cargo was preceded by a powerful Russian icebreaker (and very expensive fuel!). In this autumn of 2018, the Arctic ice is recovering and the extent is close to that of the 1980s to 2010 2 . In Greenland, the glacier that covers this large island, far from being in decline, has progressed further. This information has not been passed on as the slightest incident that would prove, it seems, the warming is systematically put forward even when the facts are doubtful! And we forget that in the 1920s, the Arctic sea ice had already regressed to the point that was expected at the time its next disappearance. Since 1940, it has experienced a new peak of expansion.

Skewed reports, a catastrophism that reality never disturbs, paradoxical arguments to explain the disturbing facts for the current theory (like, “it’s very cold, so it’s the fault of global warming and the latter will even increase the extent of Arctic sea ice “). What nonsense! We are stubbornly relying on models that have proved false and the media never give the true (and weak) warming, but the imaginary one of these wobbly theories.

Is there really a climate emergency?


Does the intellectual construction that justifies the increase in fuel levies have a solid foundation? We can legitimately ask ourselves questions. In any case, we must not give in to the hysteria and not take for granted the forecasts of the IPCC, which has been very wrong in the past. In particular, he said that a large number of coral islands would be submerged by 2010. But there was none! Yet, the government taxes the French under these ecological pretexts that fix it and, to discourage the protesters, he makes them feel guilty and insults them.



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