Tornos News | Shipping magnate to invest 500 million euros in solar park project in Greece


The Tsakos family is making an impressive opening in the field of renewable energy sources (RES) in Greece, as they plan to invest around half a billion euros in a mega photovoltaic park in the region of Domokos, Thessaly, in central Greece. with a capacity of 251,904 MW, according to

According to reports, the project will reach nearly 500 MW, with a total investment estimated at nearly 500 million euros.

The opening of the Tsakos family in the field of RES has been confirmed by the head of Tsakos Energy Navigation (TEN) Dr Nikolaos Tsakos. In a recent interview, referring to the need to protect the planet, he referred to the transition to RES and the projects implemented by the Group in South America (where the Tsakos family owns large areas) and in Europe, by putting the emphasis on photovoltaics.

“All of our major customers are investing in R&D on the ground, so it makes sense for us as a member of the chain to look at similar opportunities. We are investing in photovoltaics, as investors in perhaps one of the largest photovoltaic projects in Europe, ”he noted.

Reports indicate that this large green investment in Greece will be implemented in collaboration with German energy solutions company MAN, while also combining the use of innovative energy storage technology.

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