Wabash Township property taxes set to double due to emergency loan


TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Indiana (WLFI) – Property taxes in Wabash Township could roughly double due to an emergency loan in the council’s 2021 budget.

The council is holding a virtual public budget hearing at 6 p.m. Thursday.

The $ 450,000 emergency fire loan was approved by the state in the past month. The loan could increase taxes from seven cents to up to 15 cents for every $ 100 of assessed value. That’s a jump from around $ 100 per year to over $ 200 per year for homes valued at $ 150,000.

The tax will only be assessed for residents living in rural parts of the township outside of the city limits of West Lafayette.

Wabash Township administrator Jennifer Teising said the money would add four full-time firefighters with pension and health benefits.

“We have had firefighters this year who went through a global pandemic with a deadly virus without health insurance benefits,” she said. “It is excruciating.”

Teising says firefighters and the ambulance service are called up to 1,500 times a year. She said the previous administration’s operating budget and the township’s growing public security needs exceeded her income.

“I call on the taxpayers of the Township of Wabash to increase their tax payments to the Township to ensure that they have adequate fire services and medical care,” she said.

The virtual audience can be assisted by visiting this Zoom link and entering the meeting ID 601 417 7532.

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