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The most common way scammers use to attack general users is by creating fake pages of well-known brands that look exactly like those on official websites. Therefore, people usually fail to distinguish the fake website from the official brand page. This trick is commonly used by cyber criminals where they also create their URL address containing famous website name for their fake company which makes it very difficult to suspect them of their claimed services. This scam technique is also known as “combo squatting”.

Since phishing sites can be easily blocked and rendered dysfunctional, this increases the burden on cybercriminals as they have to constantly refresh and grow these sites. Preventing these pages from being constantly blocked is difficult and time consuming and certainly not all cybercriminals have adequate resources to avoid this problem. This is the reason why phishing kits are popular among cybercriminals because these kits are like ready-to-use templates containing all the guidance information a cybercriminal needs to create a full-scale fake website . Phishing kits are so easy to track that even an inexperienced person without any technical attack skills can also grab and use them.

Phishing kits are developed to create copies of famous brand websites that have a large number of users and followers. Obviously, the higher the number of potential victims, the more certain the chances of stealing money from them. The phishing kits detected in 2021, according to Securelist, had the most created copies of Facebook, the Dutch banking group ING, the German bank Sparkasse, but also Adidas and Amazon.

Attackers create fake website pages by following just two essentials provided by the phishing kit. First, the crooks create an HTML page through a phishing kit and keep the design, style and script identical to the official audience page of the famous brand they are targeting. There is only a slight difference between the phishing HTML address and the official page address, but sometimes the difference turns out to be so small that the general public usually does not notice it and easily falls between the hands of these cybercriminals.

Secondly, the phishing kit comes with an inbuilt script that sends data entered by users of the official branded phishing site directly to cybercriminals. Scammers also use third party online resources such as telegrams, emails etc. where the phishing kit could easily be used to steal and send victims’ data. The process of stealing information from victims begins with a not-so-obviously-suspicious basic step, where the user I asked to give their personal information or allow phishing sites access to their sensitive data.

To identify these scam websites, you need to look for pages that do not load immediately rather than new sites starting to open and load. Also, typos in the URL with odd use of English can be a warning sign. These secondary sites contain traps that cause large numbers of people to lose their hard-earned money every day.

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