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(PresseBox) (Herisau) Price fluctuations could occur after election – use time to build positions.

It might take some time before a new government is in place in our country. This is likely to be accompanied by uncertainty, but it can be used wisely. Years of stability under conservator Chancellor Merkel are finished. The new German government will likely be more fragmented. How much this will affect the price of gold is debatable. Card technique predictions are often overturned by special events.

The examples are numerous, whether it is the 09/11/2001 terrorist attacks, the 2008 oil price crisis, Fukushima, Corona or the current explosion in gas prices. No chart can predict such events. In China at the moment, the fall of the chinese real estate company Evergrande made the headlines. He has accumulated debts of more than 300 billion dollars. Europe, according to European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde, should only be affected to a limited extent. Jerome Powell, head of the Fed, also sees little impact on the United States. On the other hand, the Swiss central bank BNS perceives more a risk which is not limited to China. In all cases, China has already lent billions of US dollars to protect domestic investors from Evergrande Debt crisis.

Unpredictable events, geopolitical risks or elections, many things influence the price of gold. Nevertheless, over the centuries, if not millennia, the value of gold has remained a stable factor. That is why part of the investment portfolio should focus on the precious metal. This is where the shares of gold companies such as Kore mine or Maple Gold are suitable.

Kore mine – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiJqVgb0KWw – is busy exploring and developing its Long Valley and imperial projects in California. The projects are located in areas of the future.

Maple gold mines – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFuZJgdUMh0 -, in collaboration with its partner Agnico Eagle, is advancing the Douay gold project (recent drilling returned up to 30 grams of gold per tonne of rock ) and the Joutel gold project in Quebec.

Current company information and press releases from Maple gold mines (- https://www.resource-capital.ch/en/companies/maple-gold-mines-ltd/ -) and Kore mine (- https://www.resource-capital.ch/en/companies/kore-mining-ltd/ -).

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