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The ceremony took place in the presence of Isabel Knauf, general partner of the German group Knauf, Emmanuel Segalas, general manager of Knauf Egypt, Tillmann Hochmler, representative of the German ambassador in Egypt, Alexander Schutz, director General of Knauf Engineering Works and Ahmed Abdel Rahman, Director of Training. Centers, Knauf Egypt, and representatives of the German Federal Bank DEG.

This training center is launched under the auspices of the German joint cooperation program, with the aim of bringing the support of the Egyptian state to the fight against unemployment and to empower architects at a highly qualified level, to push them in the labor market in light of the architectural and engineering revolution currently taking place in Egypt.

Isabelle Knauf, General Partner of Knauf, expressed her joy saying “I thank our guests for coming to Egypt today following an investment that started in 2009 when Knauf was a warehouse, but things have improved since 2014, when the production doubled after establishing a company in the name of Knauf in Egypt, our investment has increased to 70 million euros in December 2027. We plan to be the largest plate manufacturer by 2024 of plaster in Africa by 2024. Our important objective of the training we are talking about is to help Heliopolis guarantee the highest level of quality according to approved specifications to raise the level of safety, in particular through high quality German expertise .

Emmanuel Sigalas, managing director in Egypt, confirmed that when the volume of investments increases, it means that job opportunities also increase. As for Knauf, we are currently doubling production, which requires a large and highly qualified workforce, which brings us to the importance of training which will provide great job opportunities as they are trained to work with the best-selling product on the Egyptian market.

Tillmann Hochmler, deputy to the German ambassador, said that Knauf has achieved great success and its history proves it, and in Egypt the company started with one person, Sigalas, and today it has 160 employees and is considered one of the most important companies. in the Egyptian market and a pioneer in the field of construction and the training centers launched by Knauf raise the level of efficiency of workers, whether engineers or workers.

Alexander Schutz, Managing Director of Knauf, said the most important success factors are being with the right person at the right time, and working with Knauf is one of the main reasons for success. In Egypt, it is scientific and it is not easy, but together we will succeed in implementing it.

The representative of the German bank DEG praised the cooperation between the bank and Knauf, and that he is happy to deal with the same company which has carried out many projects in the field.

Ahmed Abdul Rahman, Director of Knauf Training Centers, explained that the center is one of 3 other centers, the second will be located in Upper Egypt, Assyut province, and the third province in Alexandria in the northern Egypt which will serve the Delta provinces to create the greatest employment. opportunities for the huge youth sector in Egypt.

It should be noted that “Knauf” will train Egyptian workers in its centers on many trades such as plasterboard systems which are currently used in all modern national and urban projects, creating job opportunities for graduates of the center of training.

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