Yellow vests: a triple victory that overturns the table and will date


Already, and whatever the sequence of the movement, what he will get or not, and the bitterness he will leave, the movement of the yellow vests has won. Or, rather, he made the people win. Not that of the unions. Not the one from the left. Not that of the suburbs. The people they do not like, the one who votes badly – that is, not for Macron and the parties that gave birth to it: the province, the car, tight budgets, work, exasperation at the delusions of France from above. The people of peripheral France.

It may be pointed out that the movement is without a future, without a “political outlet”, but its victory is elsewhere: the people have won against themselves, faced with the image that “the other people”, that of the cities, affluent and intellectual backgrounds of him and returns him. Thanks to Benjamin Griveaux, the spokesman of the government who, for once, told the truth, the truth of what this people from above think of the other, with its release on the people of “cigs and diesel “. Contempt expressed without filter.

The yellow jackets won a triple victory.

First, they spoke with who they are and where they are from. Nothing stronger and more symbolic than this object – the yellow vest – and these places: roundabouts, tolls that say their daily lives. Booba and the people from above frequent the air terminals; Peripheral France has shown its everyday world, which best summarizes its difficulties: remoteness, journeys, work, costs (fuel, tolls, standards, local taxes, housing student children, etc.).

Then, faced with a power born from the control of communication and networks, the movement showed that it could fight at the same level. No big Parisian event.


They invented the “short circuit” of communication and demonstration, social networks helping.

Faced with the irruption of this geography from below, Emmanuel Macron was wrong to oppose inappropriate symbols that only increased the discrepancy: the controversy Petain, the instrumentalization of November 11 and, finally, the aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle . Big mistake of com ‘. In this conflict, the old world was Macron.

Finally, this movement, which is still branded “beaufitude” by small service Griveaux, won the intellectual battle against all the experts, the donors of tax and ecological lessons. He put on the table the questions that these people, big guilt on the planet, were careful not to ask, the lies and injustices of catechism fiscalo-écolo-bobo: and the ecological cost of aircraft? Electric cars? And the tax question?

For these three reasons, this movement of yellow vests is a revolution, a reversal of perspective. And it will be a landmark because it allowed the people to become aware of its power of action – and blockage – and reflection. He also showed the weakness of the great “values” of power in place: ecology today. Immigration tomorrow?


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