November 17: The failure of Castaner gives you son master

Beauvau was his dream. Gerard Collomb dreamed only of one thing: to leave.

Putting on the suit of Interior Minister seals a career. Gives you an aura, that of “first cop of France” that will allow you to feed the highest ambitions, like Nicolas Sarkozy. It can also definitely associate the name of a minister with the mismanagement of an event. November 17 will remain in the history of the Macron presidency as the failure of Christophe Castaner as Minister of the Interior.

He sinned on three levels.

First in anticipation. While showing his muscles, it would have been better inspired to also ask motorists to postpone their exits and to exercise the greatest caution around blockages since all were not declared and identifiable from Saturday morning. With the government as a whole, it could also have dispensed with throwing on this movement an unjustified opprobrium which, in the minds of some, could have excited a fear or an animosity that had no place at all. Accidents are almost exclusively from motorists who wanted to force the dams.

Then, in his communication after the tragic accident of the Isere, he did not, either, to the height: in instrumentalizing the drama, just like the prefect of Isère, to try to discredit or to contain a movement of magnitude, that he could not stop. Then by minimizing the numbers in the morning, which has had the effect of pushing more people in the gatherings in the afternoon. However, the movement has, overall, characterized by great control and great serenity, which, given the scale and mode of this mobilizing mobilization based on motorized movements, is a feat. Note, moreover, that this was emphasized by the journalist, specialist police issues on BFM TV .

Finally, by minimizing the number of rallies and protesters, he persists in his blindness and contempt. However, the movement is much more powerful: it was enough to see the sympathy of the police – gendarmes in the provinces, CRS who opened the barriers to the demonstrators on the Champs-Elysées – and many French not engaged this time but of which the yellow vest on the dashboard winked with support to convince himself.

Christophe Castaner very poorly managed this November 17, he should never let happen by the policy he supports for eighteen months.

Indeed, more fundamentally, Christophe Castaner, socialist pillar of Macronism from the beginning, sinned because he did not see rising the revolt, not measured how violent would be, for the power, the conjunction of tax measures inflicted to modest and medium classes and the largesse granted to certain categories. In this autumn of 2018, macronism is naked: it combines the worst of the right (the benefits for the most fortunate, taxes on consumption) and the worst of the left (societal taxes and delusions: LDCs, immigration, etc.). And Emmanuel Macron, through his career and serious errors of personal communication in recent months, embodies – almost caricatured – this “at the same time” formidable which he will struggle to recover.

Two days ago, Emmanuel Macron acknowledged his failure to reconcile the people and their leaders. The people confirmed. Three months ago, he launched an arrogant “Let them get me! On Saturday, on the Champs-Elysees and even under its windows, but here also in the South-West, the phrase floated in the air and in the heads.

Yellow vests: a triple victory that overturns the table and will date

Already, and whatever the sequence of the movement, what he will get or not, and the bitterness he will leave, the movement of the yellow vests has won. Or, rather, he made the people win. Not that of the unions. Not the one from the left. Not that of the suburbs. The people they do not like, the one who votes badly – that is, not for Macron and the parties that gave birth to it: the province, the car, tight budgets, work, exasperation at the delusions of France from above. The people of peripheral France.

It may be pointed out that the movement is without a future, without a “political outlet”, but its victory is elsewhere: the people have won against themselves, faced with the image that “the other people”, that of the cities, affluent and intellectual backgrounds of him and returns him. Thanks to Benjamin Griveaux, the spokesman of the government who, for once, told the truth, the truth of what this people from above think of the other, with its release on the people of “cigs and diesel “. Contempt expressed without filter.

The yellow jackets won a triple victory.

First, they spoke with who they are and where they are from. Nothing stronger and more symbolic than this object – the yellow vest – and these places: roundabouts, tolls that say their daily lives. Booba and the people from above frequent the air terminals; Peripheral France has shown its everyday world, which best summarizes its difficulties: remoteness, journeys, work, costs (fuel, tolls, standards, local taxes, housing student children, etc.).

Then, faced with a power born from the control of communication and networks, the movement showed that it could fight at the same level. No big Parisian event.


They invented the “short circuit” of communication and demonstration, social networks helping.

Faced with the irruption of this geography from below, Emmanuel Macron was wrong to oppose inappropriate symbols that only increased the discrepancy: the controversy Petain, the instrumentalization of November 11 and, finally, the aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle . Big mistake of com ‘. In this conflict, the old world was Macron.

Finally, this movement, which is still branded “beaufitude” by small service Griveaux, won the intellectual battle against all the experts, the donors of tax and ecological lessons. He put on the table the questions that these people, big guilt on the planet, were careful not to ask, the lies and injustices of catechism fiscalo-écolo-bobo: and the ecological cost of aircraft? Electric cars? And the tax question?

For these three reasons, this movement of yellow vests is a revolution, a reversal of perspective. And it will be a landmark because it allowed the people to become aware of its power of action – and blockage – and reflection. He also showed the weakness of the great “values” of power in place: ecology today. Immigration tomorrow?

Sylvain Tesson, a free writer who talks about Syria

Unbelievable ! Le Figaro has decided to diversify its sources and analyzes of the war in Syria! Confined for seven years in the politically correct, with a few exceptions, our daily well-thought gives the floor to Sylvain Tesson. This unconventional writer-traveler rolled his hump in Siberia, in the footsteps of the escapees of the gulag, along the Berezina, in search of the Great Army, on the shore of Lake Baikal, in silence and solitude. And even in France, “on the black roads” of rural life, condemned by globalization.

And our writer-traveler, once again, does not disappoint us.

He surveyed Syria where he saw Damascus, Palmyra, Aleppo, Homs. He stopped at Maaloula, the martyred Christian village. He bivouacked at Crac des Chevaliers, the most beautiful castle of the Crusades. This is an opportunity to restore the truth. While the Western media was silencing us that the “rebels” (a convenient name to avoid calling them Islamists) had conquered the Crac, he questions the conservative, Hazem Hanna: “Eight hundred terrorists occupied the Crac. Tunisians, Chechens, Algerians, arrived from Lebanon. It was a platform for access to Homs, as in the days of the Crusades! They were killed in hand-to-hand combat. “

Of course, when you listen to the Syrians themselves and not the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), it is different.

In Palmyra, he contemplated the destruction of the terrorists of the Islamic State, recalling opportunely they merely applied the 59th verse of the 18th Sura.

The Russians recaptured the “Pearl of the Desert”, gave a symbolic concert in the ancient theater and Sylvain Tesson observes that “the Western powers could not be content to applaud Vladimir Putin and his orchestra. NATO was forced to become more involved in the fight against the Islamic State. “

He could have added that it was also an opportunity for Americans to illegally occupy one-third of Syria, but do not be too greedy.

Above all, Sylvain Tesson gives us the precious testimony of the Greek-Melkite archbishop of Aleppo, Monseigneur Jeanbart: “I have six [reconstruction] projects in progress. The monastery of St. Basil is already raised. I want to go fast. For the example. Exiles make a mistake for themselves to stay in Europe. Exile is not a solution for anyone. “

As Tesson finely observes, how can it be explained that the West today has instituted “a mystic of displacement” ? “It is more celebrated than the ethics of the resistance or the Ulyssian aesthetic of the return … Jacques Julliard said that the immigrant had become the substitute proletarian for a political class that no longer interested small people. “

The wind has turned. No offense to Laurent Fabius, Front al-Nosra did not do “a good job” and will be defeated. No offense to Donald Trump, “the animal” Bachar is still in place.

And contrary to what the journalistic doxa says, it is civilization that has won.

It says: Turkey is in Europe!

So spoke Emmanuel Macron 

History is Emmanuel Macron’s girlfriend, even if he does not hesitate to tweak his arm from time to time. On the other hand, the scholar of the Élysée seems decidedly angry with geography. It will be remembered that he had called Guyana an island in 2017. A slip of the tongue, one was quick to say. And his faithful to tell us that he had wanted to talk about the island of Cayenne. Let.

In his book published in 2016, Revolution , sort of Little Red Book for sale in all good bookstores and press points, our beacon of Western thought had already committed a “slight” geographical blunder: “When you live in Stains, in the region Paris, or Villeurbanne, in the Lille region, it is easier to start a business and look for customers than to have a job interview … ” Villeurbanne, a city contiguous to Lyon, 150.000 inhabitants – excuse of the little -, is located in the Rhône. It is true that we can not know everything.

The President’s new chagrin with geography dates from Wednesday evening, during his interview given to TF1 on the aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle .

But before coming, a word, all the same, on the chosen place. One had the feeling of a President who had come to shelter from this people of bugs who roars in the countryside. The yellow vests are not lifejackets and therefore are not likely to board the proud building. While the French were waiting for Emmanuel Macron to talk to them about their daily lives, they were treated to a stratospheric President, a candidate for the rescue of Europe and the planet, proud of the beautiful toy that the Republic entrusted to him for five years. . Note, in passing, that the aircraft carrier does not vogue diesel. So, it’s good for the planet. A toy, in principle, intended primarily to serve, primarily, the interests of France. So, what to think of the European flag that loomed in the background alongside the national colors? Simply consistent with the remarks made by the chief of the army.

“Because there are these new threats, because we have to re-equip ourselves. And so the army is, today, after the National Education – which is very consistent – the second budget of the nation. And we will continue. “Until then, fine. Except that the President is careful not to mention the 800 million euros “stung” (for short) to the Defense in the amended budget bill. It is true that this government has mastered the art of taking with one hand what it gives the other.

But following the presidential statement goes further: “And that, I also want to do it at the European level. Because we have to protect our European partners [we quickly understand who we need to protect them …] : Finland, Poland, Greece, Turkey, those who are on the edge of Europe and who are sometimes near powers with which we discuss every day … “

So, Turkey is part of Europe.

We are happy to hear it live from Charles-de-Gaulle . Emmanuel Macron angry with geography? No, on reflection, with History. And even with geopolitics. Turkey belongs to NATO, but that does not make it a European country. Does this mean that Emmanuel Macron wants to replace NATO with a European machine? It seems that yes, to listen to it: “We must be able to [the countries mentioned above] protect and today, too often, when we have to protect them, we turn to the United States. And so it’s not good for our credibility, it’s not good for the unity of Europe. “

A European army to protect Ankara against Moscow, perhaps? You had to think about it.

The revolutionary idea of ​​a deputy LREM to fight against delinquency

It took 24 hours for a LREM MP from Calvados to realize (and be shocked!)

That the police are unable to enforce the ban on occupying the halls and common areas of the buildings in the area. some of our neighborhoods. And “to give birth” immediately to a great idea: “contraventionnaliser” an offense that was previously a crime. What a clairvoyance on the part of this parliamentarian who became aware, in a few hours, of a reality that has existed for decades!

All the pragmatism of those in power in our country is thus summarized.

And, for good measure, this elected rushed to the Bourbon Palace to file an amendment in the framework of the next bill to reform the Justice, which should be examined from 19 November in the Hemicycle . As it should be, this revolutionary measure for the fight against crime should be adopted unanimously by the majority group in the Assembly. This provision, supposed to allow the police to better fight insecurity in our cities is, of course, a dark imbecility. It proves, once again, that those who are today in charge of security in France have still not understood anything.

In particular, it is not the texts that exist that are bad or inappropriate, but rather the way in which those who are in control decide to implement them. Or, more exactly, not to apply them. Until today, the illegal occupation of the halls of buildings is punishable by a prison sentence of two months and a fine of 3,750 euros. And when this crowd is accompanied by violence or threats, this penalty can be increased to six months imprisonment and 7,500 euros fine. This offense, which is a crime, thus offers the police the opportunity to intervene in the context of the flagrant offense. And, thus, to proceed to arrests and to cautions.

This procedure, useful in the fight against gangs and trafficking of all kinds, is however difficult to implement because it assumes several things. First, a real political will to confront offenders in the suburbs and, in the heart of these suburbs, in neighborhoods. Then, the installation of heavy and structured intervention devices. Indeed, a single police patrol, often made up of two or three peacekeepers, can hardly handle this mission alone.

Finally, the application by the judges of the penalties provided, and this is often the problem.

What judge will today send to prison an individual just because he squatted a stairwell? Contravenalizing this offense, that is to say, making it liable to a single fine of 300 euros, will not solve this vast problem, often the cause of the exasperation of many of our fellow citizens. In the first place because with a simple contravention, more coercion possible. And in particular more measure of custody possible. Secondly, which police officer will take the risk of going into contact with a group of refugee traffickers in a building to find a simple ticket? Finally, will the police take the risk of putting a neighborhood to fire and blood for 300 euros? Of course not.

This new find of a deputy In March! is therefore that of an elected official completely disconnected from realities. No doubt he thought, after spending a few hours with police officers in his riding, that he would discover by himself the magic cure to stop crime in our suburbs. No doubt it would have been better for everyone to stay at home.


The myth of global warming collapses but taxes explode

Power teaches the “hicks” that manifest with yellow vests. 

The taxation of fuels would be an imperative obligation, because the planet would be in danger of death, our children would risk to grill on the spot. A drawing, no doubt inspired by power, is symbolic of this simplistic propaganda (stupid?). We see a street invaded by “beaufs” who protest against taxes and the same street, a few years later, deserted because the temperatures have risen by 2 °! This is a total delirium, because such a rise in temperatures would be virtually painless, at least in France.

Is warming a myth? Maybe not, but it probably does not have the scale it is given. The temperature difference between the average of October 2018 and those of October from 1980 to 2010 was only 0.5 ° after 0.4 in September 1 . We have returned to the level of the year 2005.

In the same way, we are told that the Arctic is losing its pack ice.


To prove this phenomenon, the hilarious Mrs. Royal highlighted an alleged opening of the Northwest Passage. Indeed, in August 2018 a freighter went directly from Japan to Europe along the coast of Siberia. This alleged feat is actually a damp squib because boats have already achieved in the nineteenth century. In addition, the cargo was preceded by a powerful Russian icebreaker (and very expensive fuel!). In this autumn of 2018, the Arctic ice is recovering and the extent is close to that of the 1980s to 2010 2 . In Greenland, the glacier that covers this large island, far from being in decline, has progressed further. This information has not been passed on as the slightest incident that would prove, it seems, the warming is systematically put forward even when the facts are doubtful! And we forget that in the 1920s, the Arctic sea ice had already regressed to the point that was expected at the time its next disappearance. Since 1940, it has experienced a new peak of expansion.

Skewed reports, a catastrophism that reality never disturbs, paradoxical arguments to explain the disturbing facts for the current theory (like, “it’s very cold, so it’s the fault of global warming and the latter will even increase the extent of Arctic sea ice “). What nonsense! We are stubbornly relying on models that have proved false and the media never give the true (and weak) warming, but the imaginary one of these wobbly theories.

Is there really a climate emergency?


Does the intellectual construction that justifies the increase in fuel levies have a solid foundation? We can legitimately ask ourselves questions. In any case, we must not give in to the hysteria and not take for granted the forecasts of the IPCC, which has been very wrong in the past. In particular, he said that a large number of coral islands would be submerged by 2010. But there was none! Yet, the government taxes the French under these ecological pretexts that fix it and, to discourage the protesters, he makes them feel guilty and insults them.


Book: The Stars of Alsace, Fernand Mischler and Maurice Roeckel

Armed with their first cousin – and they do not hide – the Alsatians are willing to believe a little superior to other French, those of the interior, in this case, while, at the same time, between the Vosges and Rhine, they experience in their regard, paradoxically, as a feeling of inferiority. By dint of having made these brave Alsatians believe that he was really “chic” only from Paris, they deduced, logically from Cartesian logic, that he could not be a good beaker. than from Alsace. For if there is one area where, without complex, since the dawn of time, my compatriots do not doubt for a moment their incontestable superiority, it is that of gastronomy and pleasures of the table.

Already Curnonsky, the elected prince of gastronomes, had proclaimed it loud and clear in the last century, saluting in Alsace

“all the great culinary and gastronomic traditions by which it is attached to the country which has raised the kitchen to the dignity of a great art – to France! “The very austere Michelin comes annually mathematically confirm this supremacy with a total of stars awarded – between 30 and 35, year after year – much higher than in other regions of France, when it refers to number of inhabitants. Alsace now has a host of starred chefs who cultivate, seduce and sublimate Alsatian gastronomy by competing for creativity.

The Auberge de l’Ill, three stars for fifty years, is certainly the flagship, the most famous flagship.

“Nothing seems so beautiful to the French as to see the taste of their cooks reigning from the north to the south,” observed Montesquieu already in his Persian Letters . Taking it at the word, Fernand Mischler and Maurice Roeckel bring us the proof, if I dare say by … the menu, in the work that they sign to the Editions du Signe.

A hundred miles from traditional cookbooks, this ode to Alsatian gastronomy is an invitation to pleasure where chefs and master craftsmen literally let go, imagining each and every recipe from their repertoire, served by an iconography of Karine Faby, of all splendor.

One salivates just by turning the pages, between the zucchini scales zander, the marbled duck foie gras, the crispy piglet with the woodruff, the frog muslin, the savarin of crayfish with herring caviar, without forget … the Munster drunk with cream.

At the Table des Etoiles d’Alsace, gluttony is not an ugly sin, at best a pretty flaw, because after all, “we are what we eat”, according to the saying of Brillat-Savarin …




And when, your feasts ended, the chef will come to greet you, you are no longer the anonymous customer of an air-conditioned fast food but you have become, during a meal, a friend invited to the table d’hôte. Esch des nix , she is not beautiful, life?

Damien Rieu: "The army is taking this matter very seriously and the media must be forced to stop ignoring these facts."

Damien Rieu, whistleblower who mobilized opinion at the time of the Medina affair, returns to this video of a soldier of the army affirming, on November 13: “Do not engage in the army you will work with pigs. “

He also denounces government plans to control information and videos to avoid the exit of this type of business.

A sentinel soldier films himself on snap: “And the brothers do not join the army, because walah is forced to work with the pigs 

You alerted the Army after receiving a video on Twitter showing a masked French soldier saying,

“Do not join the Army, you will work with pigs.”

Since I launch alerts, people sometimes send me videos of what they see on their social networks or receive from their friends. In the case of this video, someone who had Snapchat sent it to me. I put it on Twitter. Many people were indignant and shared the video.

The Army told you that very heavy penalties would be imposed on this soldier. Do you know more?

No, I do not know more. I did not have more details. But there is no reason to doubt that. The Army takes this very seriously.
The author of this video called me to tell me that it was a joke and that you had to take it to the second degree. I do not know if it’s true or not. I do not have the answers. The Army will determine whether it was first or second degree. Even if it is the second degree, I think that to do this a November 13 in the current context, it is not very clever and that it indeed deserves a sanction at least symbolic.

You were known as a whistleblower at the time of the Medina case. You then met Medina to discuss with him. Do you receive a lot of documents of this type?

We are several on Twitter either to seek or to disseminate information. The work is done by fdesouche in particular. I do not know if you followed, but yesterday, revelations were made through a hidden camera. A Canadian woman managed to trap an NGO director who explained how she was briefing migrants to create stories. They told them to tell how much they were being persecuted.
There is therefore a real work of investigation and watch to do. We are many to do it on social networks, including abroad. I think it’s very important for democracy. To show that the real illustrates our diagnoses.

We want to share this information as much as possible and continue to force the media.

There is a real challenge from this point of view. The media by themselves never go on these topics. They must be made to talk about these topics. The JDD makes an article about the video of the soldier. We manage to force the media who often try to ignore all this to talk about these phenomena by making them buzz on social networks.

In the end, you do the work that the media do not do …

The media never talk about violence videos. Castaner wants to reinforce the repression against videos. He wants to negotiate with the hosts so that videos showing violence are removed as quickly as possible. They know very well that it outrages people. People are in fact angry. But what we do not see does not exist. If we continue to broadcast videos of what is happening on the street, such as assaults or outrageous things, as we saw with the military, the government has to react to the reality. He can not hide it. This is the reason why Castaner wants to censor them. We will have to mobilize in the coming months against this draft measures. They would be very serious for liberties and diversity of opinion.

This echoes the robbery of this teacher in full swing. This had been revealed through a mobile phone. The consequence was that our officials wanted to ban the mobile phone. In the end, we are not acting on insecurity, but on what reveals it …

That’s exactly right. This is what Blanquer said, even if his words were, it seems, a little truncated. He would not have said that.
Without the cell phone and social networks, we would not have known. The teacher would not have complained.
We see in this case that if the facts do not go out and are not shared on the networks, they do not exist. So it’s about transparency and justice. And for things to move forward, these videos must exist. Freedom of information must be protected.

Political correctness hits the army: a promotion of Saint-Cyr "debaptisée"

The promotion of Saint-Cyr that will leave the Breton moor in July 2019 will be renamed.

The staff specifies that “it will be engaged with the students of the promotion concerned” a journey of memory “at the end of which a new name of godfather will be chosen” .

This promotion bears the name of General Loustaunau-Lacau (1894-1955). It is a first that a promotion of Saint-Cyr is thus “debaptisée”!

The promotion name is not chosen by chance in our officer schools. It is the result of a long and complex process initiated by the choice of the cadets themselves, validated by the military and political authorities.

See his promotion “debaptisée” is a trauma for the cyrards who chose their godfather.

As for this famous “journey of memory” , it evokes the “re-education of vietminh camps”, as written to me by an admiral (2S) of my friends. So there is something to be worried about.

But who is Loustaunau-Lacau?


Saint-cyrien of the promotion of Montmirail (1912 -1914), Georges Loustaunau-Lacau makes the Great War in the infantry, that will finish like captain, Legion of honor and cross of war with three palmes and a star. Between the wars, campaign of Morocco after the School of war in 1924, of which he leaves major. Then he was commanding officer of the 24th Mountain Infantry Battalion. He then succeeds Charles de Gaulle as “feather” of Marshal Petain. From 1936, he founded the Corvignolles networks, whose purpose is to unmask the communist cells in the army.

Again war: in the Resistance in 1941, he founded the Alliance network. His anti-German activism made him imprisoned by Vichy, then he was delivered to the Germans and deported to Mauthausen in 1943. After the war, he nevertheless had to deal with Justice for his pre-war activities, suspected of having belonged to Hood.

Bleached by its judges, it has been erased from the collective memory of French by official historians ” in the words of the resistant Alain Griotteray.

Appointed general by Vincent Auriol in 1954, he died while he was deputy of the Basses-Pyrénées.

What do we blame late for Loustaunau-Lacau?

To have been “anti-Semitic”, it seems! Admittedly, he, like many before the war, was able to criticize the various lobbies he considered to have played a detrimental role in the disarmament of France. But to make it an “anti-Semite,” meaning a “Nazi” or a “fascist,” is totally false and unfair. In reality, what is criticized today is to have been “a rebellious French”, but especially “a supposed coward and a resistant right-wing”.

It is obviously for this reason that, yielding to the politically correct, the authorities have today decided to rename this promotion!

These people should reread these words of Simon Epstein:

“Number of anti-fascists of 1936, turned into collaboration in 1940 but experts to be forgiven in 1944, will have experienced a more peaceful liberation than that which will persecute this resistant of the first hour, survivor of Mauthausen and the marches of the death. “As written by Colonel Groussard, another great resistance,” all his life, Georges Loustaunau-Lacau launched into battle without ever considering the dramatic consequences this could have for him. ” And for Alain Griotteray, “Georges Loustaunau-Lacau has sacrificed to his convictions, in the service of the motherland, his career, his freedom, his honor and his reputation” .

We do not debap a promotion of Saint-Cyr, an officer promotion, whatever it is and for whatever reason. No late pretext can justify it even though the officer who gave his name to this promotion has proved by his actions at all times his high conception of the profession of arms and patriotism.

Long live the General Georges Loustaunau-Lacau promotion!